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Benefits of Essential Oils

The world of essential oils is a complex one. There are so many oils and they each have several different uses. Many ancient cultures have used aro...

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Best Candle Hacks by Malibu Apothecary

The Best Candle Hacks

So you’ve got a couple cute, yummy smelling candles ready to be burned - now what? Did you know the way you treat your candle affects how long it ...

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Panoramic view of the ocean with grass and sand on a cloudy day with the title, "How Long Do Candles Last?" written in brown

How Long Do Candles Last?

Ever dig into the back of your closet to find a bunch of old candles and wonder if they’re still any good? There are so many factors that impact th...

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Covid safe friendly beach road trips to take in the United States

COVID Safe Beach Road Trips

During the pandemic, it’s not always the safest to fly when you don’t have to or expose yourself to a lot of people in crowded places. That doesn’t...

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What are phthalates, how do i identify them, and are phthalates harmful? blog by Malibu Apothecary


You may have heard of Phthalates and their inclusion in our everyday products, but what are they? We will break down what Phthalates are, their pur...

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