Mom's Day Off: The Ultimate Relaxation Guide for Mother's Day Bliss

As Mother's Day approaches, Malibu Apothecary embraces the spirit of honoring the remarkable strength of women everywhere! With their busy days spent being nurturers, problem-solvers, chefs, caretakers, schedule-keepers, therapists, and much more - moms deserve a break. Treat the special moms in your life to a day of peace and luxury with our guide to the ultimate Mom’s day off!

Breakfast in Bed

Give Mom some much-needed rest by hitting snooze on her alarm and taking care of breakfast. We suggest some heart-shaped pancakes and a perfectly brewed cappuccino! We love this serving tray from Pottery Barn, perfect for a sweet little breakfast in bed!


Pottery Barn rattan serving tray with stand for breakfast in bed


Pottery Barn

Create an Oasis

Screaming kids? Nonstop Miss Rachel videos? The perfectly placed lego waiting to
be stepped on? Not today! Treat Mom to a relaxing atmosphere by cleaning up and
setting the scene. Get rid of the mess, turn the lights down, and of course, light a
Candle! A Malibu Apothecary scent is perfect for the occasion! Try Turks and Caicos for an invigorating boost of energy or Malibu Beach for ultimate relaxation.


Malibu Apothecary matte black candle next to matte black gift box


Malibu Apothecary

Bring the Spa to Mom

Treat her to a personalized spa experience at home! Get out the
essential oils, bath salts, and skincare. Draw her a bath and let her soak her worries
away! Really set the scene by turning on the diffuser to make sure she gets an authentic spa experience - the Airscent Mini from Malibu Apothecary will be the icing on the cake!


Malibu Apothecary matte black Airscent Mini diffuser


Malibu Apothecary

Dinner is Served

No spa day is complete without some delectable treats! Prepare a platter of fresh fruits, gourmet chocolates, and decadent desserts for Mom to enjoy as she unwinds. Pair the treats with her favorite beverage - a soothing tea, or glass of champagne, we don’t judge. Impress her with this beautiful charcuterie board from Williams Sonoma!

Williams Sonoma rectangular wooden and marble charcuterie board with 3 included cheese knives

Williams Sonoma

Grab the Tissues

Surprise Mom with a special gift or thoughtful gesture at the end of the day. Show her how much you love and appreciate her with a token and a handwritten card. A luxury roller perfume from Malibu Apothecary will complete her relaxing day and remind her of it every time she wears it. We are not responsible for any tears!

Soleil Roller Perfume infused with organic golden jojoba oil and natural essential oils by matte black gift box in Tulum scent with santal and coconut

Malibu Apothecary


Candle Making Class

What to get for the mom that has everything? Experiences! Try a fun bespoke activity like candle making where mom can design her own signature scent! Malibu Apothecary offers a Custom Candle Making class where you can make your own all natural coconut & soy wax candle! Plus, it is BYOB friendly! 

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