Malibu Apothecary: Unveiling the Abaco - Peach Bee's Knees Craft Cocktail

We pride ourselves on crafting exquisite scents that whisk you away to dreamy, sun-kissed shores. Inspired by the serene beauty of Abaco, Bahamas, we've meticulously recreated its essence in the Abaco scented candle. With vibrant notes of red currant, grapefruit, lemon peel, jasmine, geranium, peach, and a touch of black currant, the Abaco candle truly embodies the spirit of this tropical paradise.

We are thrilled to elevate your senses even further by introducing you to an enchanting and refreshing craft cocktail that we've crafted with expert mixologist, Southern Pour, and named after our beloved Abaco scent - the Abaco: Peach Bee's Knees. Picture yourself lounging on a sun-drenched beach, cocktail in hand, as the gentle waves kiss the shoreline. Let's dive into the recipe and learn how to create this tropical masterpiece!

Abaco inspired craft cocktail

The Abaco: Peach Bee's Knees


  • 1 oz gin
  • 0.75 oz lemon juice
  • 0.25 oz honey syrup
  • 0.25 oz peach puree
  • Dehydrated peach or lemon for garnish


Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients Before you begin crafting this cocktail, ensure you have all the elements ready. Our preferred choice of gin complements the fruity notes of the Abaco candle perfectly, while the lemon juice provides a refreshing zing. The honey syrup adds a touch of sweetness, echoing the peachy heart notes of the scent, and the peach puree transports you straight to the heart of Abaco's pink sands.

Step 2: Shake It Up In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine the gin, lemon juice, honey syrup, and peach puree. Embrace the rhythm of the ocean waves as you shake the mixture gently, allowing all the flavors to harmonize in a blissful union.

Step 3: Strain and Serve Strain the concoction into a chilled cocktail glass, prepared to capture the essence of the Abaco in each sip. The pale gold hue, reminiscent of a breathtaking sunset, will delight your eyes as you prepare to indulge your senses.

Step 4: Garnish with a Coastal Touch A true Malibu Apothecary creation deserves a coastal-inspired garnish. For an authentic touch, adorn your Abaco: Peach Bee's Knees with a dehydrated peach or a delicate lemon slice. This garnish adds a hint of visual appeal and pays homage to the fragrance notes that inspired this cocktail.

Step 5: Savor the Moment Take a moment to breathe in the fragrant aromas of the Abaco scented candle as you take your first sip of the Abaco: Peach Bee's Knees. Allow the flavors to transport you to the sun-soaked shores of Abaco, where relaxation and bliss are your only concerns.

Whether you're unwinding after a day at the beach or hosting a delightful coastal-themed gathering, the Abaco: Peach Bee's Knees is the perfect companion. A symphony of tropical flavors that mirrors the harmony of our Abaco candle, this craft cocktail will leave you craving for more.

Join us on this sensory journey, as Malibu Apothecary continues to celebrate the beauty of the coast through our scented creations and crafted libations. Let the Abaco: Peach Bee's Knees be your ticket to an idyllic getaway, no matter where you find yourself.

Cheers to the joys of coastal living, one scented candle and cocktail at a time!

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