Abaco, Bahamas scented candle with notes of red currant, geranium, lemon, jasmine, peach and black currant. Description of fragrance with the background of ocean

Imagine your toes buried in white sugar-soft sand onlooking the turquoise waters that lap the shore. When the sun sets, it draws a light pink blanket forming around the clouds, powdering the sky and reflecting off of the once blue, beautiful waters. This is the Bahamas. Redolent of balmy summer days our ABACO candle was inspired by the pink sunsets and warm, fresh feeling of summer in the Caribbean. This gender-neutral, tart, and tangy fragrance is sure to please most. You can almost taste it like a juicy bite of grapefruit softened by memories of freshly cut flowers. Transport yourself to the sugar-white sands of this beautiful beach with notes of red currant, lemon, geranium, and peach. Cure your wanderlust with a scent that will leave you begging for the beach. 

Note Profile:

    Top Notes: Red Currant + Grapefruit + Lemon Peel
    Heart Notes: Jasmine + Geranium + Peach
    Base Notes: Black Currant + Abaco Pine

    26.6762° N, 77.2850° W

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    For the ultimate Abaco, Bahamas experience, light a candle with our curated ABACO playlist on Spotify or craft up a cocktail with our mixologist made coastal ABACO cocktail.