Rai Leh scented candle notes with photo of sunset on ocean in the background in Krabi, Thailand

Accessible only by boat, this Thai paradise awaits. Here the sun sets with an amber glow matched only by the towering limestone cliffs that shelter the warm beaches tucked into the Andaman sea. From this memory, our Rai Leh scent was born. This rich, green fragrance will whirl you away to the jagged rocks, lush jungles, and velvety sand beaches with notes of musk, oak, black currant and rose. Escape on a sunset with spiced currant. 


Top: Bergamot + Cassis

Heart: White Rose + Black Currant

Base: Oak + Tonka + Musk

 8°00'45.4"N 98°50'12.6"E

This scented candle is available in our Matte Black and White Gloss Lacquer vessels here. 

For the ultimate Rai Leh beach experience, light a candle with our curated RAI LEH playlist on Spotify or craft one of our Rai Leh coastal cocktails.

Railay beach inspired coastal cocktail