Sandy beaches, sea-salt hair, and sun-kissed skin inspired this fresh yet sophisticated take on citrus. Reminiscent of summer and walks on Seven Mile Beach, our refreshing neutral scent is crafted with notes of lemon and minty fragrance leaving an aroma of a freshly squeezed lemon, cool mint, and a fresh sea breeze. Not your typical lemon and mint, this fragrance captures the woody elements of the island with notes of lemon, mint, and additions of Egyptian musk, oakmoss, and peonies. Made with real California lemon essential oils and infused with bottom notes of sugar that create this decadent aroma, this complex scent was created to be coveted. This delightful summer blend evokes the feeling of sitting on a beach with a mouthwatering mint mojito freshly topped with ice. 

The CAYMAN candle will have you captured with its aromatic allure. 

Note Profile:

    Top Notes: Citrus + Lemongrass
    Heart Notes: Jasmine + Lilac + Peony + Violet
    Base Notes: French Vanilla + Oakmoss + Egyptian Musk

    19°21'50.5"N 81°23'34.4"W

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