Cap-d'Ail scented candle inspired by notes of jasmine, amber and mandarin. A description of this scented candle with a background of the sea

A beach nestled right outside of Monaco, Cap-d’Ail calls for those who seek respite along the beachside cliffs of the Mediterranean Sea. Complex, intriguing and sensual, this scent draws from the jasmine plant that is native to this region with a sweet and sultry fusion of mandarin and rich amber. Subtle undertones of sandalwood and musk complement this full-bodied fragrance inspired by France. Cap-d'Ail will give you the feeling of sipping a light rose on the rock covered Plage de la Mala with your lover in the French Rivera. Soak in this scent for the ultimate sensual luxury.

Note Profile:

Top Notes: Mandarin
Heart Notes: Cedar + Jasmine
Base Notes: Sandalwood + Dark Musk + Amber

43°43'20.4"N 7°23'24.9"E

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