Style Tips: Decorating Your Space With Candles

Candles will never go out of style, and they are the perfect year-round accessory that will make your home feel like you. Are you looking to brighten up your living room? Do you want your bedroom to feel zen and cozy? The best way to make your home unique to you is to scatter around your favorite candles: stylish, cozy, and chic!

Candles are too often overlooked when it comes to home decor. What people don’t know is that with the right placement and optimal curation, your home can too be on the cover of every home magazine. Candles can brighten up your space, add a pop of color to the basics, and of course leave behind the most desirable aromas. Most importantly, candles make your space warm and welcoming for yourself and your visitors.

Tips to decorating your space with matte black candles

With Malibu Apothecary’s signature matte black candle holders, you can add them to essentially any room for a polished and classic look. The matte black can be used as a statement piece in an all-white room, or can blend into any darker set ups that you may already have. Place the candles in bunches or stand alone to make your room unique to you. For the best styling effect, place large candles alone and small to medium sized candles in clusters (varying the cluster by height).

Malibu Apothecary also sells colorful candles for a more coastal and beachy vibe. The Iridescent Pink candle and the Clear Gloss x Blue Candle will add beautiful pops of color to your living spaces. 

One of the best ways to decorate your space is by staging your candle to match any other home decor like coffee table books, flowers, and other ornaments. The grouping of candles will bring a tasteful and sophisticated look to your space. Try mixing candles of various heights, but stick with the same color, for the most elegant masterpiece. If you want to learn how to improve the Feng Shui in your space, check out our guide with expert advice from The Feng Shui Collective.

For a taste of fresh air, you can also play around with different scents. One of our favorite combinations of scents from the Malibu Apothecary line is pairing is our Laguna Beach and Montauk fragrances. This pairing of Laguna’s sugary sweet scent with Montauk’s musky woods will draw you in and fill your room with a decadent aroma. You can even use all of the same scent to give a certain room a signature smell for when people walk in. 

Reusing your candle containers to hold matches, flowers, how to clean container

The best part is that you can reuse your beautiful candle holders once the wax burns out! Follow our tips to remove candle wax to make your candle holders into vases for flowers or small jars for bathroom decor. By reusing these candle holders, you do not have to change the ambiance of your space! Reusing your candle holders allows a fresh, vibrant addition to the rooms you love the most around your household. 

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