How to Use Candles For Better Feng Shui

If you are like me, then the practice and philosophy of Feng Shui have always been something that has piqued your interest, but it was still too daunting to put into play. 

Thankfully, the experts at The Feng Shui Collective are here to help! This Santa Barbara-based dynamic mother-daughter duo imparted some real wisdom on me and are here to share! Let's start with some Feng Shui 101 from Pamela Abbott-Mouchou and Lauren Bragg: 

How to use a Feng Shui Bagua Map and what it means. Bagua map with placement, elements, energies, and colors for increased Chi

Feng Shui 101: 

Feng Shui, a traditional Chinese home decor philosophy, is a practice that has been around for thousands of years and considered to be both an art and natural science. Its earliest application was in the selection of auspicious tomb sites. Over the centuries, this practice evolved to selecting dwelling places for the living and placement for key design features in the home. Feng Shui translates to "Wind-Water". Wind refers to the "Feng," or what is unseen, while Water, "Shui," is what can be seen. "We like to say, when the Wind (or your intentions) sweep over the Water of your environment, positive change occurs," says Lauren and Pamela, Founders of The Feng Shui Collective. 

The Feng Shui Collective Quote on the use of a Bagua Map to help increase feng shui and improve the energy and chi in a home

Feng Shui Today: 

More recently, Feng Shui has further evolved to meet the needs and expectations of a contemporary audience. "In our westernized practice, all energy enters through the front door of a space, which is sometimes called the 'mouth of chi.' We also use a Bagua Map, which is oriented according to the front door, and it identifies where specific energies, such as prosperity, love, health, etc., reside in a home. Therefore, the entrance sets the energetic tone for your entire space, its occupants, and guests. A positive and abundant entrance will enhance the overall chi of your entire home," Lauren and Pamela explain.

There are Five Elements in the practice of Feng Shui: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. "Often, when you walk into a space, and something just doesn't 'feel' right, it's because there is an imbalance of the Elements," describes Lauren and Pamela. 

Matte black candle and mini matte black candle in living room feng shui

Candles and Feng Shui:

One of the strongest and most obvious expressions of the Fire element in your space are candles. "Candles represent the Fire Element, and are a way to bring a sense of sacred to a space." This expression of the Fire Element can be used to purify the Feng Shui energy in any space. Candles elicit inspiration to bring a creative and vibrant energy to your space and fill the room with a passionate yet sacred glow.  

Lauren and Pamela encourage their clients to light candles to activate the spaces' energy, recommending "in our practice, we use them to lift the energy following the work that we do during a consultation." 

The energy of the Fire Feng Shui element is that of the bright sun, a happy occasion, achievements to be celebrated, or of romance and passion. This energy is nourishing and warms your heart. True with any element, the key is knowing when and where to use it. 

Iridescent pink holographic scented candle sitting next to pink peonies on a coffee table in a bedroom

When should you use candles or the Fire element in your space? 

Bring the Fire element's energy when your energy feels weak or you are feeling cold, lonely, and lacking creative expression. This strong energy will help to bring life to your creative endeavors. 

Where should you place your candles for the best Feng Shui? 

The bedroom is a great place to start, but defining your home's unique Bagua will be the best way to determine. This will be your roadmap to creating Feng Shui in your space.

High Gloss Black Candle in the Cayman Scent on the bathtub next to bath products

One of the goals of Feng Shui is to bring all five of the elements into balance. Bathrooms tend to be chi depleting due to the overwhelming presence of water and metal elements. It is essential to gain an elemental balance by including the others: Earth, Wood, and Fire. Candles are a perfect way to complement a bathroom and add a touch of Fire! Another way to "nourish" and add balance to your space is to add the Wood element with plants. If you are in need of planters, you can always repurpose your candles jars. Stone, pottery, or crystals will be a good way to add the Earth element to balance out the decor in your bathroom as well.

What You Can Do Right Now:

Here are 5 Feng Shui Projects straight from Pamela and Lauren to help elevate your home: 

  1. Give your entryway a makeover. Pull everything off, spray it down, clean the windows, oil the fixtures, add healthy, seasonal flowers. Do this with intention of inviting healthy energy into you home.
  2. Locate the abundance area of your home (back left) and clear our all clutter, clean, light a candle, add a healthy plant and notice if the 5 elements feel in balance (wood, water, earth, metal, fire). Do this with the intention of inviting more wealth and abundance into your life.
  3. Clean in and around your stove! Your stove is a wealth/health/warmth powerhouse point in your home. Make sure all of your burners work and turn them all on to elevate the energy. Remove clutter around the stove and do this with the intention of continuing to provide yourself and your family with nourishment and abundance.
  4. Give your houseplants a refresh. Gather all of your plants and place them in your bath or shower. Grab some scissors and a fork. Fluff the soil and trim any dead leaves, add fertilizer if you have it. Do this with the intention of allowing healthy energy to flow through your home and enhance respiration.
  5. Give your closet an overhaul. WHAT BETTER TIME?! Locate where your closet is using the Bagua Map and pull EVERYTHING out. Vacuum and wipe down shelves, sort through clothes in categories asking if they spark joy. Make a donate and trash pile and keep only the items you love. If you're looking for romance, be sure to leave some space for your new love. Do this with the intention that corresponds with where your closet is located on the Bagua Map.

 Though Feng Shui can be confusing to beginners, luckily, The Feng Shui Collective takes the mystery out of the practice and are offering virtual consultations and a Learning Library, perfect for beginners! "This is a great time to learn about Feng Shui because it's a way to have some sense of control in this unprecedented time," says Lauren and Pamela.  

The Feng Shui Collective offers a simple and effective problem/solution oriented course that will teach you about five vital areas in your home that could be problematic. 

"This is our gift to you, and it's an excellent way to kick off your Feng Shui journey!" says Lauren and Pamela. 



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