CANNON BEACH • BIRCH *Limited Edition*


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8oz Candle | Coconut + Soy Wax | Limited Edition | Vacation inspired Fragrances | Free U.S. Shipping

Nestled on the coast is the small town of CANNON BEACH offering sweeping views of its long sandy shore, sea caves, and deep coves with rocks perfectly positioned for tufted puffins to enjoy. Paperlike bark and thin-leaved birch trees line the woods of the Pacific Northwest where this charming coastal village sits. This oasis is captured through wooded notes of birch, pine, and cypress, complimented with cool touches of eucalyptus and mint that are instantly warmed with hints of smoke and tonka bean. 

Top Notes: Mint + Eucalyptus
Heart Notes: Pine + Cypress
Base Notes: Tonka Bean + Smoke
  • Our Cannon Beach candle is available in our white gloss lacquer vessel
  • Each candle is infused with natural coconut & soy wax, essential oil-infused premium fragrance oils, and a cotton wick
  • Excellent hot and cold throw 
  • Burn Time: Up to 65 Hours


      Malibu Apothecary Founder Claire Ellis sitting on a chair holding our holographic iridescent pink candle

      Malibu Apothecary was inspired by Founder Claire Ellis’s love for travel, wellness, and all things luxury. This passion for travel led her all around the globe. From spending months living on the Côte d'Azur to solo trips exploring Asia, Claire believed no beach should be left unexplored. Based on the science that scent is the strongest trigger of memory, Claire started pouring candles as a hobby in her Southern California apartment in between her travels, aiming to capture the spirit of the places she visited through fragrance. Here, she discovered the toxicity and unethical standards prevalent throughout the candle industry.

      Specifically, she discovered that most candle brands use paraffin, a petroleum by-product that comes in the form of a black sludge found at the bottom of oil barrels. This wax is bleached white using 10x the concentration of our household bleach. When this wax is burned, carcinogenic chemicals, known to cause health problems, are released with toxins into our home. Claire knew there must be a better way to enjoy not only candles but life. Thus, she strived to create a product that promoted both a cleaner Earth and cleaner living without having to compromise on price, scent, or experience.

      After early production led to a few small fires, some stained wood floors, and a lost rent deposit, Malibu Apothecary candles now use clean-burning coconut wax and sustainably sourced essential oil-infused fragrances to support their mission of creating cleaner candles for a cleaner Earth. Additionally, 20% of sales are donated directly to coastal conservation efforts. These coastal candles take the names and notes of these places, working with the local communities of these exotic locales such as the Cayman Islands Board of Tourism, to create scents that will transport you through candlelight to a beach far away.

      Today, Malibu Apothecary crafts olfactory experiences through their transportive fragrances that capture Claire’s cultivated passion for travel and clean, non-toxic living.

      Malibu apothecary donates 20% to coastal conservation and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

      Our Mission 

      1. Ingredients

      We’re proud to create cleaner candles so that you don't have to compromise between quality, safety, and scent. We are working hard to bring transparency not only to our products, but the industry as a whole. Working together with our suppliers and implementing best manufacturing practices to create safe, sustainable standards for your scents. 


      2. Environmental Responsibility

      We are committed to doing our very best for our shared planet. Starting with sourcing materials from sustainable or renewable resources wherever possible. our shipping boxes are made from recycled corrugated paper and our shipping materials have been 100% recycled. Crafted with beautiful hand blown glass, try reusing our vessels or composting packaging when you can. 

      3. Social Responsibility

      We’ve partnered with Heal the Bay in support of our mission to create cleaner coastal fragrances for a cleaner coast.  

      With each online purchase of our matte candles, you are helping to preserve the very oceans and coast that inspire each of our fragrances. 5% of our Matte Black candles go to our charitable partner, Heal the Bay for coastal conservation. 

      For each Iridescent Pink Candle sold online, we will donate 20% to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 



      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews Write a review

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review
      Emma Davis
      Best candle!

      When I saw this candle, I immediately knew I had to grab it! I grew up in Oregon and this candle immediately transported me back to Cannon Beach. I have bought this as a gift for so many friends and family members and each one of them has raved about it. My favorite candle, ever!

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