The Inspiration Behind the Scent: Cap-d'Ail

Our Cap-d’Ail fragrance with notes of jasmine, amber, mandarin, cedar, sandalwood, and dark musk was created and inspired by my time living in Nice, France. 

Mala Beach with curtain over beach lounge in Cap'd'Ail near Monaco

I spent 7 months living on the Côte d’Azur in Nice nearby this aromatic muse. During this time, I had also spent some time studying perfumery in nearby Grasse at Galimard. My nose became opened to a world of olfaction and hyper aware of all the scents and aromas that came my way. I would often visit my aromatic muse of Cap’d”ail.

Rock covered cliff side beach in the Mediterranean with a fig tree dangling above ocean

A beach nestled right outside of Monaco, Cap-d’Ail calls for those who seek respite along the beachside cliffs of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Claire Ellis in Nice, France with a friend at Plage de la Mala in Monaco

When creating this fragrance, I took Inspiration from the everpresent jasmine plant that is native to the region with a sweet and sultry fusion of mandarin and rich amber. The amber is reminiscent of the warm sun that kisses your skin. The mandarin calls from a memory of making fresh sashimi with slices of this citrus sprinkled on top in the nearby village of Èze. Subtle undertones of sandalwood and musk complement this full-bodied fragrance, paying homage to the richness of culture and topography that is France. 

Rose and charcuterie board at French beach side lounge on the Mediterranean sea

Cap-d'Ail will give you the feeling of sipping a light rose on the rock covered Plage de la Mala in the French Rivera. Soak in this scent for the ultimate sensual luxury.

Cap-d'Ail scented candle fragrance with notes of jasmine, amber, mandarin, musk, and sandalwood




Create your own Cap-d'Ail retreat at home with our Cap-d'Ail candle, destination inspired cocktail, and playlist. 

Cap-d'Ail inspired cocktail with peach liqueur, ketel one botanicals, orange blossom, and rose

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