The Inspiration Behind the Scent: ABACO

Right before officially incorporating Malibu Apothecary, I took a trip to Treasure Cay in Abaco, Bahamas. Imagine your toes buried in white sugar-soft sand onlooking the turquoise waters that lap the shore. When the sun sets, it draws a light pink blanket forming around the clouds, powdering the sky and reflecting off of the once blue, beautiful waters. This is the Bahamas. 

Sunrise in Treasure Cay in Abacos, Bahamas

Redolent of balmy summer days our ABACO candle was inspired by the pink sunsets and warm, fresh feeling of summer in the Caribbean. This gender-neutral, tart, and tangy fragrance is the sun kissing your skin and enjoying the calm, stunning and refreshing sea. You can almost taste it like a juicy bite of grapefruit softened by memories of freshly cut flowers.

3½ miles and consists of sugary white sand complimented with turquoise water

Transport yourself to the sugar-white sands of this beautiful beach with notes of red currant, lemon, geranium, and peach. Cure your wanderlust with a scent that will leave you begging for the beach. 

Bahama Beach club in Treasure Cay pink pier in Abaco by Malibu Apothecary


If you are here, a trip to Piggyville on No Name Cay in the Abacos is a must! You can take a short boat ride there, but since Hurrican Dorian, their home was decimated. You can help out the people of Abaco and Green Turtle Cay, another islet nearby, through this GoFundMe.

Capt. Trevor Lightbourne in Treasure Cay, Abaco Bahamas

If you want to take a tour around the island, rent a private charter with our friend Capt. Trevor Lightbourne! He can take you deep sea and reef fishing, snorkeling, and island hopping around the Abacos!

Piggyville on No Name Cay in Abacos

Claire Ellis, founder of Malibu Apothecary, in the Abacos on No Name Cay in Bahamas

Piggy island in Abaco, Bahamas near Treasure Cay


Treasure Cay has some of the best strips of beach in the Abacos. We stayed at the beautiful, Bahama Beach Club in Treasure Cay. The offer excellent two to five bedroom condos right on the beach for the perfect way to slip into paradise. They have a beachside restaurant, optional housekeeping, pools, jacuzzi, lots of beach chairs and no shortage of breathtaking views. 

Bahama Beach club in Abaco, Bahamas that inspires the ABACO red currant candle by Malibu Apothecary


Don't come to Treasure Cay without stopping at the Treasure Sands Club. This beachside dining boutique has some of the most incredible meals I have ever had - with unrivaled views. This sustainable Bahamian restaurant has their very own farm, Bahama Woodstar Farm (named after the endemic Bahamian hummingbird) right across the street where they offer their exquisite farm to table specialities.  

Treasure Sands Club in Abaco, Bahamas with a beachside dining, farm to table, sustainable meals

You can also grab a casual meal and drink at the Treasure Cay Beach Marina & Golf Resort. 

Get around town with a golf cart rental! This is a super fun way to explore Treasure Cay area and the Blue Holes! 

To experience the Abacos at home, shop our Abaco scented candle or listen to the playlist.


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