Why Are Candles the Strongest Trigger of Memory? 

An integral part of our survival throughout history, scent has the ability to alert us to dangers like fires, rotting food, or a gas leak. Essential to our evolution, unpleasant scents will send pain signals directly to the brain to warn us of any possible dangers. What most don't know is that scent is also closely linked to the part of the brain that process our emotions and memories. Smell has the power to change our mood and emotions, with the ability to immediately trigger a detailed memory or intense emotion. This is also the reason why certain scents for some will elicit positive feelings like freshly cut grass, but harness negative feelings for others, such as those who used to mow lawns as a child. 

Scents are chemical particles that float from the nose into the brain. Our brain cells then carry that information to the amygdala, where we process our emotions and then to our hippocampus, where learning and memory formation occur.

"Scents are the only sensations that travel such a direct path to the emotional and memory centers of the brain. All other senses first travel to a brain region called the thalamus, which acts like a "switchboard," relaying information about the things we see, hear or feel to the rest of the brain," said John McGann, an associate professor in the Psychology Department of Rutgers University in New Jersey. 

As eloquently told by Oliver Wendell Holmes, "memories, imagination, old sentiments, and associations are more readily reached through the sense of smell than through any other channel." 

How Do Malibu Apothecary's Destination Based Candles Transport You? 

Based on the science that scent is the strongest trigger of memory, Malibu Apothecary's destination based candles are inspired by the coast, aiming to take you on a scented escape. Evocative of a nostalgic vacation, our candles take the notes and names of beaches to capture the essence of places through fragrance. Because if you're going to relive a memory, why wouldn't you want to recall a trip to the beach? 

The visceral language of scent lends itself to storytelling, and our candles draw upon this intimate connection between smell our emotions and memories. Enigmatic, yet never ephemeral, these coastal candles embody the destinations we long for. These places need not live only in our memory, but are expressed through our finely fragranced clean candles. We work with local communities of these exotic locales to capture these storied beaches in our beautiful vessels and clean, coconut wax candles. More of an art than a science, we specially craft essential oil-infused fragrances with careful attention to detail to recreate the impression of a memory or moment. 

Immerse yourself in these coastal-inspired candles that will transport you to your next getaway without ever leaving your home. 

Where Do Malibu Apothecary Candles Take You? 

These candles take you down the best of what memory lane has to offer, a beach vacation. From Malibu, Cayman, Cap-d'Ail, or Montauk, you can now travel to your favorite faraway getaway through fragrance. Malibu Apothecary offers ten destination based fragrances 

Our Turks & Caicos candle crafts invigorating grapefruit infused essential oils to bring you to the soft white sands, crystal clear water, and the tropical landscape of this country. The uplifting nature of our grapefruit candle will emit a tangy citrus top note, mellowing down to let the touches of sweet mangosteen come through. This luxuriously light and exhilarating fragrance will leave you relaxed, refreshed, and ready for paradise.

Our candles boast a fragrant experience redolent of vacation. Whether you seek a Caribbean respite or a Mediterranean retreat, these candles will take you there. 



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