Curious about our Private Labeling Process?

Looking to personalize your own candles? From timeless gifts to beautifully branded candles, we can create the custom candle for you. We are your go-to source for private label ready candles. 

Beautifully branded business gifting will allow you to promote your brand for any occasion. From celebrating employee milestones to branded client and partner gifts, let your gifts tell a story and transport those who receive them to exotic destinations. 

As a small batch candle house, we offer low minimum order quantities starting at just 24 candles. Our in-house manufacturing allows us to customize your candles from label, to box, and beyond. Whether you are looking to drop ship our curated collection, create your own custom work of art, or leverage our existing batch of unbranded candles, we are confident we can help actualize your vision. 

Our services include custom fragrance development, product design, package sourcing, candle production, wax, and fragrance testing & development.

Our Story

When starting my candle company, I had over 4 years of experience crafting scents and candles from home. I knew the ins and outs of candle making, having attended perfumery school in Grasse, France and experimenting with most every type of wax and fragrance available.

After I officially incorporated my hobby and turned it into a business, I was looking for time. Time to expand and scale the business. This required me to find help with filling these coastal crafted comforts. Reaching out to most every candle manufacturer in the U.S., I was hit with the realization that for those who want their own custom candles, you must commit a lot up front. There were no quality or luxury manufacturers with low (sub 100) or no minimum order quantities for candles. When you go to a large scale candle manufacturer, you are paying for their expensive equipment, warehouses, salaries, overhead, etc. For those who are not in the business of making and selling candles but would like to have their own branded line, it is difficult to find manufacturers to work with you if you don't need a high order volume. Friends and family that I had been crafting small batches of candles for, for years, had reached out to me to create their own custom lines for gifting and otherwise. This is how we started the private label side of our business, with the purpose of giving those an opportunity to create their own custom candles without scarifying their time or wallets. 

If you are interested in learning more about our private label process or how to create a bespoke candle of your own visit our Private Label Wholesale page or please reach out at You can also fill out the form below and we will get in touch with a quote!


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