Plan a Cayman Islands Inspired Vacation At-Home 

Plan a Cayman Islands Inspired Vacation at HomeIn need of a little fix of Cayman? As our homes become our home office and the borders are closed, why not create a Caymanian inspired vacation, right in your home? Get ready to put your email on Out of Office, because you don't need to leave your house to feel like you are on Seven Mile. From cocktails, candles, and curated playlists, you will be relaxing your way into a summer stay-cation.  

We have crafted a list of 3 ways to transport yourself without breaking the bank. Check out this ultimate stay-at-home guide to your next Cayman vacation.  

Plan a Cayman Islands inspired staycation by a Cayman Citrus Cocktail, Coastal Cayman Scented Candle with Lemon and Mint, and a Curated Caribbean Classics Spotify playlist to set the mood


Set the mood with one of Malibu Apothecary's Cayman inspired  candles. Based on the science that our sense of smell is the  most potent trigger of memory, these candles are crafted to transport you back to the Cayman Islands. Reminiscent of summer and walks on Seven Mile Beach, the refreshing neutral scent is riddled with notes of lemon and mint, leaving an aroma of freshly squeezed citrus, cool mint, and a fresh sea breeze. Made with real California lemon essential oils and infused with bottom notes of sugar that form this decadent aroma, this complex scent was created to be coveted, like Cayman's coast. 

  • Top Notes:  Citrus + Lemongrass 
  • Heart Notes:  Jasmine + Lilac + Peony + Violet 
  • Base Notes:  French Vanilla + Oakmoss + Egyptian Musk 

Unlike 95% of candles sold on the market today, Malibu Apothecary candles never use toxic gasoline byproducts, like paraffin wax, that come from the bottom of oil barrels and are whitened using bleach 10x stronger than our household bleach. These coastal candles use only natural coconut and soy wax, cotton wicks, and essential oil-infused fragrances that capture the essence of a Cayman vacation. Burning this clean candle will take you back to moments sipping cool, crisp sparkling water while sunbathing on the beach!  


Your Cayman Islands vacation-inspired candle will go perfectly with this curated Cayman playlist. We have crafted a library of songs to set the mood with your new favorite scent. Because next to our sense of smell, what brings you back to a moment better than music.  

Click here for your list of Caribbean Classics!  From Bob Marley to Major Lazer, this playlist will have you jammin'.  

Cayman Islands inspired citrus cocktail with gin, freshly squeezed lemon, frothed egg white, and mint by Malibu Apothecary


No vacation is complete without a tropical drink in your hand. We have crafted a list of  coastal cocktails  to accompany your stay-cation, including one of our favorites, the  Cayman Citrus  cocktail. Inspired by our lemon and mint Cayman candle, this fresh and easy drink is sure to be apart of your Caribbean craft cocktail roundup. Best served shaken with ice; this pale light drink with the silky egg white reminds us of Cayman's clear waters and its sea foam that forms near the shore. Sophisticated yet simple, this sweet and sour drink will be a delicious companion to your summer stay-cation.  

  • Gin (2 oz) 
  • Fresh lemon zest 
  • Triple sec (3/4 oz) 
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice (1/2 lemon) 
  • Egg White (1/2 oz) 
  • Mint (muddled and garnish) 

If you don't drink alcohol, try infusing water with freshly cut lemons and lime with some mint for garnish! 

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