5 Ways to Fundraise for Breast Cancer Research

If you are like me, then chances are you, or someone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer. That is because, according to The American Cancer Society, there is a 1 in 8 chance that an American woman will develop breast cancer.[1] As the leading cause of cancer death in the world's poorest countries, the most common cancer in women worldwide, and the second most common cancer of all, we knew breast cancer research is a cause that deserves attention.[2] 

With incidence rates on the rise, we have teamed up with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation to support their life-changing research.[3] We chose BCRF because of their mission to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world's most promising research as the largest private funder of breast cancer research and metastatic breast cancer research in the world.[4] 

Although cancer doesn't discriminate against race, age, or religion, social and economic disparities create barriers for access to proper screening and care. With recent research, the American Cancer Society found an increasing incidence rate for black women, coupled with a higher mortality rate. The good news is that the breast cancer 5-year relative survival rate has increased significantly for both black and white women since 1975. While a gap remains, the racial disparity seems to be narrowing. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation says, "In the most recent period, the 5-year relative survival rate was 83% for black women and 92% for white women."[5]

There are also things you can do to help! Malibu Apothecary aims to bring awareness to this critical issue impacting so many of us worldwide. That is why we are donating 20% of the purchase price of every Iridescent Pink candle sold online to BCRF. But if you can't purchase one of our life-saving candles, there are other ways you can help too!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BCRF came up with this list of 5 ways to safely fundraise for research this October.

infographic on Five ways to safely raise money for breast cancer research with the breast cancer research foundation

Here are 5 Ways to Safely Fundraise for Research This October: 

  1. DIY a race
  2. Harness your hobbies
  3. Embrace milestones
  4. Game for Good
  5. Team up with coworkers 

DIY a race. 

With so many events being held virtually, why not join in on the fun? You could create a competition for a socially distanced walk, run, or ride in your neighborhood. Or you could create your own personal challenge or competition with friends and family.

Harness hobbies for good.

Many people have found creative outlets to stay busy during this time. Whether you picked up cooking, knitting, jewelry, or painting, you could offer your goods for a greater cause by donating a portion of your proceeds to BCRF!  

Embrace milestones.

Make those special occasions even more special by asking friends and family to donate in lieu of a gift. It is a great way to spread awareness with gifts that give back! You can easily set up a Facebook fundraiser to show your support for research.

Game for research. 

Livestreaming your online games are a great way to raise money for good while staying socially distant. You could host your own charity stream with friends to support BCRF's research and breast cancer awareness—all while having fun. BCRF even put together a resource page for tips on how to host a successful stream. Traditionalists can also pick up board games and play for donations instead of bets.  

Go virtual. 

Bring your community together even when we are apart by trying a Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Youtube, or Zoom fundraiser. Engage your friends and neighbors from home using these free and easy online tools. You might host a virtual movie night, create a friendly online competition like trivia, or ask a local singer or band to give a virtual performance.

Engage employees and coworkers. 

What better way to connect with your coworkers virtually than to have a coworking charity event?! Many people love working for and with companies that have a mission and culture of philanthropy. Why not connect with your coworkers virtually to raise money for charity. Often employers will even match your donations raised, so consider incorporating BCRF for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can encourage employees to wear pink, share statistics, and start a company fundraising page to leverage in October and beyond.[6]

Malibu Apothecary partnership with Breast Cancer Research Foundation donating 20% of the Iridescent Pink Candle  



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