4 Best Scented Candles for Summer

While this summer we may be spending a little more time at home, we came up with the best-scented candles for summers enjoyed at home. All of our coastal candles aim to capture the essence of vacation through fragrance and these picks will not disappoint. Get ready to be transported to the islands with these four summer scents. Our destination-inspired fragrances will take you to the beaches of the Caribbean and Mediterranean. 

Perfect to pair with sandy toes, a sun hat, sun-kissed skin, and sea salt spritzed hair, here are the top 4 candle scents for your best beach burn: 


Redolent of balmy summer days in the Bahamas, our ABACO candle was inspired by the pink sunsets and warm, fresh feeling of summer in the Caribbean. This gender-neutral, tart, and tangy fragrance is sure to please most. Transport yourself to the sugar-white sands of this beautiful beach with notes of red currant, lemon, geranium, and peach. Cure your wanderlust with a scent that will leave you begging for the beach. 

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For the ultimate Abaco, Bahamas experience, light a candle with our curated ABACO playlist on Spotify. 


If this scent had a vibe, it would be waking up to the sound of the ocean, white linen on, sparkling water in hand, and the smell of fresh grapefruit served a la room service. This irresistible summer blend of lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, with bottom notes of vanilla, will draw you into an escape on the islands. The turquoise white waters feel as fresh as this light and fruity candle. Ideal for the kitchen and bathroom, let yourself escape to the beach with this clean burn. 

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For the ultimate Turks & Caicos experience, light a candle with our curated TURKS & CAICOS playlist on Spotify. 


Ahh, Formentera. This marvelous Mediterranean island escape will carry you away with notes of fresh figs dancing from the trees. Ripe enough you can almost taste, our fresh fig candle will take you there with notes of fig, green leaves, patchouli, moss, and cedar, complemented with citrus, top notes of grapefruit and orange. Fresh, fruity, and perfect for summer!

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The CAYMAN candle will have you captured with its aromatic allure. Sandy beaches, sea-salt hair, and sun-kissed skin inspired this fresh yet sophisticated take on citrus. Not your typical lemon and mint, this fragrance captures the woody elements of the island with notes of lemon, mint, and additions of Egyptian musk, oakmoss, and peonies. This delightful summer blend evokes the feeling of sitting on a beach with a mouthwatering mint mojito freshly topped with ice. 

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For the ultimate Cayman experience, light a candle with our curated CAYMAN playlist on Spotify

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